Tested; National Board of Professional Home Inspectors

Licensed by the State of Wisconsin; WI-2839-106

(The State of Minnesota is one of a few states that do not, at this time, have licencing requirements for home inspectors)

Member; National Association Certified Home Inspectors  Nachi.org

NACHI  Certifications;

Structural Issues for Home Inspectors

Roof Inspections

Electrical Inspections

​Advanced Electrical Inspection Training

Plumbing Inspections

Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior

Heating, Ventilation & A/C Systems (HVAC)

​Advanced HVAC Inspection Training

Moisture Intrusion

Deck Inspections

Exterior Inspections

Fireplaces, Stoves and Chimneys

Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors


Contractor Qualifications

Owner & Project Site Qualified Person

All Residential Construction, Inc.

Residential Contractor  License # MN-650344

Extensive Experience in investment property renovation. I have purchased some of the worst, most deficent and unsafe homes one could imagine. I turn these homes around and make the area neighborhood better. I do this by focusing on every one of a homes components from the roof to the foundation. All of this requires me to have extensive knowledge all home systems.

All Res Home Inspections and All Residential Construction are;

Dyer Enterprises Inc. Companies.

Under the requirements of my Standards of Practice and State Statute;

All Residential Construction will offer no service to an All Res Home Inspection customer for a period of at least two years from the inspection date.

Home Inspector Qualifications​​

​​All Res ​    Home Inspections